How to Lose Fat, Pay More and Eat Better Today

It never fails. For instance, some experts will say, regarding the obesity problem, ‘Report after report shows that two-thirds of all Americans are overweight even though losing extra weight is not that hard to do. It’s pretty easy; eat less, eat better and exercise more.’

Anyone with a passing knowledge of human metabolism and how the body processes food will know what has been proven beyond doubt. If you eat fewer calories than your body uses each day and your regular activities, by being active, even if you don’t change the food you eat, you will lose weight.

However, a significant change in diet is not readily available or not easily palatable for many of us. Most of us are pre-Cool deeply – so we will not take the recommended 20 minutes to walk or lift the fork in water one additional time than usual. And for the many of us who are Machine types, we have become dependent on the lift, the elevator, the escalator, the car, and so on. Most of us spend at least twenty-five to thirty minutes in some manner getting our bodies from ground level to the parking lot and the shops. We know how the mechanisms of our bodies fail as they fail. It is such a shame that while we see, we are living dramatically challenged lives, we don’t know how to make the changes that will work for us.

Because when it comes to our eating patterns, we continue to make the choices we choose based upon the foods that are in vogue with our dinner parties or Sunday lunch or our lunchtime walks – whatever.

But somehow, we end up back where we started. Our choices are worse—a smaller portion than we always have eaten. Having eaten our evening meal, we feel relieved, satisfied, then go out and eat something smaller and perhaps with less prepared food or condiments than we have always done. And in the comfort of our favourite citron, we turn on the TV to catch up on the day’s news and enjoy the experience.

But, but, but…

By the way, we feel great once we get to work and our energy has increased, our concentration levels are higher, our clarity of thinking is clear, and we are making better, more rational food choices.

But alas, by mid-afternoon, we start to feel slung-end. Calorie-consciousness rules. We need to punish ourselves for the reviewed Miss Perfection of our diets and to skip our morning, Tw Downing. And we are all guilty of this. It is not too challenging to become obsessed with food in this way, but it becomes obsessive rather than merely annoying.

Irregular eating patterns can make you feel a need to ‘tough it out all day or so, but this generally leads to overeating more to punish yourself rather than burning out the body. Not a healthy habit to set. No wonder the9/11ths were coming – our world was about to end.

So, as are all our lives, for any of us to be free, the answer lies in making simple changes in our attitudes to not only what we eat, what we buy and how much we spend stoneware, what we drink and how much exercise, that we make a lifetime commitment to this issue and consider the positive implications, long term.

The simple solution to our weight/health issues is to make small changes that fit with the way we live. Small, consistent actions every day, every day, are what will make you any change in any life. Take control, make food choices that support your reasonable health goals, and watch the pounds melt away. See yourself at the weight you want to be rather than reliving the constant battle with your jumpsuit.

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