Alkaline Food for a Healthy Body

Alkaline core food can change your life, energize you, make you slim, to eliminate you from the fatigue, lethargy and dehydration of so many people who normally follow a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. From powerhouse of alkaline to soulful of acid foods, eating the right foods can make you healthy, young and happy.

If you ask most people what their number one allergy is they would say is peanuts. Some people can almost eat a whole bag of chocolate in a sitting, can you do that? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever noticed that you react differently after eating chocolate or any other food? Has eating that chocolate lowered your acidity, Enzymes and Vitamin B?.

We have all heard someone say that chocolate is high in protein. This is true as chocolate is packed with proteolytic enzymes which are needed for the digestion of proteins. These enzymes break down proteins by separating the amino acids present in the food during the digestion process.

During the fermentation process, many of the protein binders are removed leaving the raw material for the enzymes to break down. Raw as in not cooked at all and the higher the alkalinity of the chocolate the more protein it contains. Many athletes consume a handful of bars and mix it with their protein shake before bed. these are just a few of the ailments that you can consume before competing.

Some examples of alkaline core food are grapes, pears, dates, figs, watermelon, cantaloupe, peas, artichokes, and onions. A few other fruits also consist of alkalines like tomatoes, mango and papaya. Cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, parsley, and radishes also belong to alkaline. Soy, lemon, grapefruit, apple and pineapple are acidic. Some vegetables like spinach, celery, zucchini, bean sprouts and fresh carrots are also considered alkaline.

It has also been reported that drinking alkaline water for about 3-6 months can change your thinking process, your mood swings to become more positive. By just doing this one simple thing you can make yourself feel better and happier which is the absolute best way to be. I am sure that you want to be happy and satisfied with your body and not mad or anxious.

To attain the best body be sure to eat alkaline food. Enjoy it instead of the usual nasty processed food that you buy at the grocery store. Since you ate alkaline food the weight loss process will speed up and you will regain your pre-loved life weight. Processed food laden with preservatives, salt, and other additives will mess up the ph balance of your body. Your body will then begin to excrete important minerals like calcium and sodium to restore the ph balance of the body. This will lead you to feel sick and lack energy.

What does a healthy diet have to do with emotional eating?

We were all taught to learn by example. If you want to get into a good emotional frame of mind you should avoid high sugar or high-fat foods. What your teacher or parent may have told you is correct. These foods spike the blood sugar level and eventually lead to a rise in insulin levels. High insulin levels will lead to a dip in energy and you will feel tired. When you do not eat enough carbohydrates you will become hungry and experience negative side effects of this effect. When you lack nutritional potassium your body will dip down. When you do not get enough calcium you will have bone loss. A sedentary lifestyle should be moderate combined with cardio and strength training. So if you want to offset all of these signs of aging, you should eat alkaline food.

Alkaline water

It seems like it would be logical to conclude that a healthy alkaline diet would be composed of fresh, natural drinking water. This not only will improve your overall health but will also provide the ph balance of the body. Hydration plays a vital role in keeping the stress level down. Studies have also shown that Winning the race against formidable fatigue is more than a mere concentration on caffeine and glucose. Water is also the starting point for nutrients to travel to the organs of waste removal, thus promoting gastrointestinal health, and helping the body manage the pace of thought.

Losing weight

By implementing an alkaline diet, weight loss is greatly imminent. When the organs are balanced and managed properly, the metabolism remains at a natural rate and the body properly takes care of itself. When the body is balanced, weight loss is much more likely when trying to beat the bulge. Alkaline foods are the best way to start, and then weight loss becomes a natural process. Losing weight through will take much more discipline than a good trigger finger.

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